History Meets Innovation

Built by Bethlehem Steel in 1960, 100 Cal has been transformed for the 21st century.

100 Cal was one of the first downtown San Francisco office towers completed during a post-war modernist building boom that transformed the skyline.
Architects Welton Becket and Associates strived for a "total design" approach by incorporating Bethlehem Steel into the building design.

100 Cal embodied a modern optimism in 1960 that continues to inspire business today.

Built to typify the “strength and dignity” of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, 100 Cal’s distinctive design showcases the structural framing on the exterior.
With sweeping views toward the Ferry Building and the Bay Bridge, seventh floor decking was installed in 1958.

100 Cal captured the modernity of San Francisco.

Bethlehem Steel executives attend the topping out ceremonies in 1960, officially establishing their Pacific Coast headquarters.
Pembroke Real Estate acquired 100 Cal in 2014 and has been transforming this classic mid-century building into a revitalized and energizing office space.